Zolpidem (Ambien)

Brand Names: AmbienAmbien CREdluarIntermezzoZolpimist

Zolpidem is employed to treat sleep disorder. The immediate-release kinds of zolpidem are Ambien, Intermezzo, Edluar, and Zolpimist, that are wont to assist you to nod off. The extended-release style of zolpidem is Ambien chromium, that encompasses an initial layer that dissolves quickly to assist you to nod off, and a second layer that dissolves slowly to assist you to keep asleep.

Your doctor can verify that right zolpidem that is best for you.

What is Zolpidem (Ambien) used for?


What is the foremost vital data I ought to understand about Zolpidem (Ambien)?

You should not use zolpidem if you’re allergic thereto, or if you have got ever taken sleep drugs and engaged in an activity you later do not keep in mind. Zolpidem tablets might contain disaccharide. Use caution if you’re sensitive to disaccharide.

Zolpidem isn’t approved to be used by anyone younger than eighteen years of age.

Inform your doctor if you encounter any of these:

  • liver or urinary organ disease;
  • a respiratory disorder;
  • depression, mental state, or self-destructive thoughts;
  • drug or alcohol addiction;
  • sleep apnea (breathing stops throughout sleep); or
  • myasthenia gravis.

Taking zolpidem within the last three months of the physiological condition might cause temporary state or respiratory issues in your newborn.

It may not be safe to breast-feed whereas mistreatment of these drugs. Raise to your doctor concerning any risk.

The sedative effects of zolpidem are also stronger in older adults. Accidental falls are common in aged patients World Health Organization take sedatives. Use caution to avoid falling or accident whereas you’re taking this drug.

What are the facet effects of Zolpidem (Ambien)?

Zolpidem might cause severe aversion. Get emergency medical facility if you have got signs of associate degree allergic reaction: hives; tough breathing; nausea and vomiting; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Some individuals’ mistreatment of these drugs has engaged in activity whereas not totally awake and later had no memory of it. this could embody walking, driving, or creating phone calls. If this happens to you, stop taking zolpidem and decision your doctor quickly.

Serious injury or death might occur if you walk or drive whereas you’re not totally awake.

Call your doctor promptly if you have:

  • anxiety, depression, aggression, agitation;
  • confusion, hallucinations (hearing or seeing things);
  • memory issues, uncommon thoughts or behaviour;
  • thoughts of wounding yourself; or
  • That “passing out” feeling

Common facet effects might include:

  • daytime temporary state, dizziness, feeling “drugged” or light-headed;
  • headache;
  • diarrhoea; or
  • feeling tired.

Ambien During Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

Taking zolpidem within the last three months of the physiological condition might cause temporary state or respiratory issues in your newborn.

It may not be safe to breast-feed whereas mistreatment this drug. raise your doctor concerning any risk.

What medication and food need to avoid when taking Zolpidem (Ambien)?

Avoid taking zolpidem throughout travel, like to sleep on associate degree aeroplane. you will be waking up before the consequences of the medication have worn off. cognitive state (forgetfulness) is additional common if you are doing not get a full seven to eight hours of sleep once taking zolpidem.

Do not take this drug if you have got consumed alcohol throughout the day or simply before bed. Dangerous facet effects or death might occur.

Avoid taking zolpidem with food or right once consumption a meal. this may build it tougher for your body to soak up the medication.

Avoid driving or risky activity till you recognize however this drug can have an effect on you. you will still feel asleep the morning once taking zolpidem, and your reactions may be impaired. Wait till you’re totally awake before you drive, operate machinery, pilot associate degree aeroplane, or do something that needs you to be awake and alert.

How to take Zolpidem (Ambien)?

Use Zolpidem (Ambien) precisely as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor. It is not recommended to take the medicine in a larger or smaller amount than the prescribed or for a longer period of time.

The suggested doses of zolpidem aren’t identical in men and girls, and this drug isn’t approved to be used in youngsters.

Follow the directions on your prescription label and browse all medication guides. ne’er use zolpidem in larger amounts, or for extended than prescribed. Tell your doctor if you’re feeling associate degree exaggerated urge to require additional of this drug.

Zolpidem is also addictive. Misuse will cause addiction, overdose, or death. marketing or giving freely this drug is against the law.

Read and thoroughly follow any directions to be used supplied with your drugs. raise your doctor or caregiver if you are doing not perceive these directions.

Zolpidem can cause you to nod off. ne’er take Ambien, Edluar, or Zolpimist if you are doing not have a full seven to eight hours to sleep before being active once more.

Zolpidem is for short-run use solely. don’t take zolpidem for extended than five weeks while not your doctor’s recommendation.

Call your doctor if your symptoms don’t improve once seven to ten days of treatment, or if they aggravate.

Do not stop mistreatment zolpidem suddenly once long-run use, otherwise, you might have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. raise your doctor the way to safely stop mistreatment this drug.

Store at temperature off from wet and warm. don’t freeze. Keep the medication in a very place wherever others cannot get thereto. Keep the Zolpimist bottle upright once not in use.

Insomnia symptoms may additionally come back once you stop taking zolpidem, and will be even worse than before. Tell your doctor if you continue to have worsened sleep disorder once the primary few nights while not taking zolpidem.

What to do if I did not take Zolpidem at the prescribed time?

Since zolpidem is taken solely at an hour if required, you’re not going to miss a dose. ne’er take this medication if you are doing not have seven to eight hours to sleep before being active once more.

Do not take 2 doses at just once.

What happens if I o.d. on Zolpidem (Ambien)?

Overdose symptoms might embrace severe temporary state, confusion, shallow respiratory, feeling light-headed, fainting, or coma.

What Ambien Look Like?

Ambien comes in capsule type and varies in size betting on the indefinite quantity required to deal with a person’s level of sleep disorder. Some pharmaceuticals conjointly are available liquid type; however, Ambien solely will be taken as a capsule.

Ambien usually comes as a tiny low pink peach pill. Tablets are accessible in strengths of five milligrams and ten milligrams. to boot, extended-release tablets are accessible in strengths of half-dozen. 25 milligrams and twelve.5 milligrams for people that solely keep asleep for a number of hours. The hypnotic-sedative conjointly comes in a very circular blue pill with the letter “A” decorated on that or as a white pill with the signature “amb10” or “5421” in a very capsule-like form.

Zolpidem, the most active ingredient in Ambien, will cause severe allergies. If this happens, individuals ought to stop taking the medication and get in touch with a medical skilled now. A number of the foremost common reactions include:

  • Hives
  • Difficulty respiratory
  • face, lips, tongue or throat swelling

Additionally, individuals shouldn’t share Ambien with others if they are doing not have a prescription themselves. The suggested doses of zolpidem don’t seem to be constant for men and ladies — or individuals with totally different physical characteristics or sleep disorder levels — and youngsters shouldn’t take the hypnotic-sedative. Misuse of this medication may result in dangerous aspect effects, as well as addiction or maybe o.d.

Some of the foremost common ways that individuals misuse Ambien include:

  • Increasing indefinite-quantity while not a doctor’s recommendation
  • Taking the drug longer than a prescription permits
  • Taking the drug while not a prescription
  • Taking the drug when recently overwhelming alcohol
  • Mixing the drug with alternative pharmaceuticals that would have dangerous aspect effects along
  • Knowing what the drug seems like and the way to require it will facilitate individuals to keep safe and avoid an Ambien addiction.

Is Ambien addictive? 

When individuals raise whether or not Ambien is addictive, the solution is often affirmative. Ambien will be an addictive drug for individuals, and customary signs of dependence include:

  • Refilling prescriptions too typically
  • Experiencing cravings for the medication
  • Having more than what is prescribed
  • Isolating oneself
  • Spending massive amounts of cash to get the drug
  • Engaging in risky experiences while not basic cognitive process them later

Many people develop an Ambien addiction from a short-run sleep disorder. Since the drug is prescribed by a doctor to treat sleeping problems, many folks desire it’s safe to require despite the indefinite quantity. Prescribed pharmaceuticals can be dangerous and addictive than usual thanks to individuals relinquishing caution they often reserve for additional restrictive drugs, like opiate or cocaine.

After a number of weeks, Ambien becomes less effective and a few people are unable to prevent taking the drug. a further aspect impact of taking the drug over a protracted amount of your time is worsening sleep disorder once the indefinite quantity is ablated or stops utterly.

Although Ambien usage incorporates a smaller potential for o.d. compared to alternative anxiolytic sedatives, it will be more difficult to discover AN Ambien o.d. as a result of the signs of the o.d. are almost like general symptoms of exploitation the drug. Ambien will slow a person’s vital sign to the purpose of failure, or respiratory to the purpose of a fatal injury. A slow heartbeat or slow respiratory is additionally a sign that the person taking the medication could also be in serious hassle. once somebody builds up a tolerance to Ambien, they’ll usually want larger and bigger doses of the medication to keep up its effectiveness.

Ambien addiction will simply develop and it’s vital to require necessary steps to curb a dependence underneath the steerage of a doctor. 

Ambien addiction might also be influenced by environmental factors like status, economic condition or peer pressure. It also can go with alternative disorders, like a habit. There are many totally different symptoms and signs that may happen due to Ambien abuse, including:

  • Weakness
  • Memory loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Coordination issues
  • Slowed heartbeat or respiratory
  • Altered reasoning or judgement
  • Uncontrollable shaking

An o.d. is basically a poisoning. Once an individual takes a high dose of Ambien that the body cannot metabolize it quick enough, the drug basically poisons the body and begins to cause serious adverse aspect effects, including:

  • Small pupils
  • Blurry vision
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Slowed or stopped respiratory
  • Blue lips or fingers
  • Fainting
  • Death

If you or somebody you recognize expertise these aspect effects thanks to AN Ambien addiction, it’s vital to urge medical attention as before long as attainable. Overdosing is taken into account a medical emergency. though there’s no cure for habituation, rehab could be a tried treatment technique. when medical care and medical attention, it’s attainable to measure a protracted and healthy life freed from Ambien addiction.

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