Modafinil 200mg


Modafinil is an important medicine that is Provigil. The medicine is used to treat the disease due to any sleeping disorder. The sleeping disorder may occur because of using different medicines, drugs, or because of various reasons. It may occur because of the toping of the breath while the time of sleeping. People use this to stay awake when they are in the middle of an important job. Modafinil is not used to treat tiredness, so do not misunderstand it with the tiredness treatment. I have not known the exact mechanism of the sleeping disorder. However, it would reduce certain substances in the brain important for sleeping. Sometimes, the number of substances increases because of different reasons; you must use this medicine during this time. 

What is Modafinil used for? 

It is used to treat the excessive sleepiness that may occur due to some disorder. We also use it for the breathlessness that might stop because of the sleeping syndrome. Pharmacologists name it wakefulness-promoting medicine. It works on the brain by changing the amount of some natural substances that cause excessive sleep in the brain. We can use it for many other purposes. However, it would help if you asked your doctor before using it. In short, it is used to improve wakefulness.  

Modafinil dosage

Before using the Modafinil, read carefully the guidelines mentioned on the prescriptions or consult your doctor to avoid any side effects. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or the pharmacologist freely. 

You carefully use the dose of Modafinil according to the disease or the purpose for which you are using it. Following are the essential notes which clarify the dose of the Modafinil tablet. 

  • If you use this for narcolepsy, take this tablet by mouth with food or with milk. Use this tablet daily in the morning. The doctor may prescribe you to use this twice a day; once in the morning and the other in the noon. 
  • If you use this tablet for obstructive sleep apnea, then use this tablet once a day in the morning with food or without food. You must continue your treatment until the doctor advises you to stop this.
  • If you are using this tablet to treat a sleeping disorder, then you must take the dose of this medicine according to your problem. The doctor mostly advises using this medicine once a day before starting your work accordingly. It depends upon you at which time of the day, you need to use it. 

Use this medicine regularly to take more advantage. The dose depends on your medical condition and how severe your symptoms or the disorder is. If you stop this medicine without the doctor’s consultation, then you may experience symptoms of temperature, chills, nausea. In this case, you must consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

Adderall vs Modafinil

Both the medicines are used for treating narcolepsy, which is a sleeping disorder in which one feels they are sleeping too much or experience hallucinations or other disorders relating to this. Both drugs are used to stimulate the brain, therefore, called brain stimulators. Modafinil is not considered a stimulator by some pharmacologists as it does not stimulate the brain substances; it just decreases the amount of those chemicals or substances that cause excessive sleep. The structure of both of these tablets is different. Modafinil is not as active as Adderall. Adderall is more effective and works effectively and fast as compared to Adderall. Generally, people use Modafinil who do not bear the side effects of fast, effective medicine.

Side effects of Modafinil

Although Modafinil is a vital medicine used to treat sleeping disorders. However, it can lead to symptoms if not used correctly or according to the doctor’s advice. You can experience the following side effects:

  • Depression, anxiety, fear of something bad
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Nausea
  • Sleeping problem
  • Rashes on skin
  • Skin cancer
  • Swelling on body
  • Jaundice and dark urine
  • Hallucinations
  • Chest pain
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Trouble in walking 
  • High temperature
  • Sore throat

There are many other common effects. The best way to avoid these side effects is to use the medicine properly by consulting your doctor. 

 How to get prescribed Modafinil?

Although Modafinil is an important drug to use, you must keep the following points in mind. 

  • The best way to get prescribed Modafinil is to consult your doctor and ask him/ her for the prescriptions. You must have a prescription before buying this tablet. 
  • Before taking this tablet, tell your doctor about everything, i.e. if you are taking any other drug before taking this medicine. 
  • Consult your doctor or pharmacologist about your drinking habits.
  • Although Modafinil is the best drug for use, you must consult your doctor before using it. 
  • The prescriptions for Modafinil are available online too. 

How to buy Modafinil online?

Modafinil is available in different forms depending upon the quantity of the substances which are used in its making. However, it is mostly available in Modafinil 200mg and Modafinil 100mg. Many websites are serving people by selling medicines and drugs online. You can easily buy an online Modafinil tablet with no hurdle. Search out the Modafinil selling websites. It is available at a reasonable price. The website will give you an option to add to the cart. Press that option, and you are just one click away. After that, they will send it to you via the address you have given. 


The article is about the Modafinil tablet. It is mostly available as Modafinil 200mg tablet and Modafinil 100mg tablet. Modafinil 200mg tablet is more useful and effective as compared to Modafinil 100mg tablet. This article is covering the aspects of side effects, prescription, and buying of this tablet too. If you any further information, you may contact us, as we charge no cost and the information we are providing is free. 

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